About us

Sunzest Fruits is a brand of fresh, quality fruit and Valencia starting 2016 under Frío Mediterráneo, company with extensive experience in the fruit and vegetable sector. We are headquartered in Museros and, therefore, we are born in a place and in an environment of great agricultural tradition, especially in the cultivation of citrus and fruits.

SUNZEST FRUITS. Vitamins sun

sunzest fruits

The choice of our name is not accidental: SUNZEST is a kind of game that comes from the union of “zest” (citrus) and “sun” (sol), which together could be defined as “sun vitamin”. And it is that if anything characterizes our fields is just that, the sun that permeates every plot, every culture, in every variety of fruit. Moreover, “fruits” gives us a global dimension: we are aware of who we are and where we come from but also the possibility of importing fresh fruit and quality from Valencia to the rest of Spain and the rest of the world.

In the last two years since Sunzest Fruits have exported our fresh fruit with good results and have grown gradually as endorse the figures: during the 2014-2015 campaign export 50.000 kg. fruit of a single producer whose marketing was done entirely in Britain and in the 2015-2016 work with eleven farmers who allowed us to export 150.000 Kg. from fruit to Britain and France.

For this new course 2017/2018 from Sunzest Fruits we hope to export 1.000.000 kg. fresh fruit from our fields eight producers from Britain, France, Baltics and Germany, in addition to our fresh fruit market in Spain online through this website and also offline.

Sunzest Fruits believe in these three principles always respect:

Valencian fruit

Fresh fruit

Quality fruit

We collect, we will bring you and enjoy it

sunzest fruits

We have developed a collection and delivery system that allows the fruit tree comes to your home quickly. In this way you can buy fresh seasonal fruit online with the guarantee that you will in your mature and full of flavor in 24 hours table.

To achieve this we prevent our fruit undergoes aggressive chemical treatments both in culture and in collecting or treatment. What you see in your fruit basket or box Sunzest Fruits is the fruit as such, the natural and always fresh.

The processes followed in our fields are also most natural. They are lifelong, those that go according to our Valencian climate. Fruits Sunzest because we do not forget who we are or where we come from. We are on this earth, “the terra”, Valencia, and that’s the place to which we return to ask about what to offer our customers and when. For this reason and to ensure the quality and freshness of our products, we only work with the seasonal fruits so that what reaches your table is the best of our fields. We prefer to cover little but good that much without being able to guarantee our three principles.

If you decide to buy fresh fruit Fruits online Sunzets you are guaranteed to make one of the farmers of this land that so lovingly put in their work and in arranging their tools with their own hands. Because this is also part of our philosophy: respect all those who are part of our value chain (suppliers, employees and customers).

Sunzest Fruits. Mediterranean fruit wherever you are

sunzest fruits

While our motto is fresh fruit, quality and Valencia, in Sunzest Fruits we are also aware of the possibilities that the 2.0 environment offers all sectors including the fruit. This allows the fruit of our fields is not only in Valencia and reach virtually any corner of the world. You can buy fruit at home to Valencia from any other place with the guarantee of getting a fresh product without leaving home. Remember: You can have a taste of Valencia at your table with a single click. Meet all our products.