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Fruit-mix: oranges, avocados and papaya

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A fruit mix is a perfect gift on any occasion. In this you will find tangerines and Valencian oranges, avocados with Valencia origin and Sweet Mary Brix 14th papaya of Canarian origin. This fruit basket to give away is available in formats of 5 and 8 kg.


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Oranges, avocados and papaya form one of our most tropical fruit gift baskets. A perfect combination for athletes and for those who complete breakfast. A suggestion? Natural orange juice, toast with avocado and fresh papaya with dice. Do you need something more to start the day with strength?

The basket of oranges, avocados and papaya Sunzest Fruits also gives us a perfect nutritional combination: papaya, although sweet in taste, is low in calories; avocados are a natural source of protein and folic acid; and among the benefits of oranges we can list a good supply of vitamins and mineral salts, an important dose of fiber and immunological help to keep us healthy and strong. To this, we must add the mandarin properties, which are similar to those of orange but providing less calories and more fiber.

In short, this basket of fruit for a gift is defined with a single word: energy.

The gift basket of oranges, avocados and papaya Sunzest Fruits includes (approximately)

Format 8 Kg.

4 kg. of oranges from Valencia (varieties according to season)
3’2 Kg. Of papaya of Canarian origin
0.8 kg Hass avocados of Valencian origin

Format 5 kg.

2’5 kg. of oranges from Valencia (varieties according to season)
2’0 kg. of papaya of Canarian origin
0’5 kg. Hass avocados of Valencian origin

We take care of every piece of fruit and take care of you

At Sunzest Fruits we are experts in the distribution and sale of fruit online, especially oranges from Valencia. We guarantee that all our oranges and tangerines are 100% Valencian, fresh and seasonal. So if you are looking for a fruit basket to give as a gift that includes the best of our fields, you are in the right place.

Avocados from Valencia, on the other hand, have the peculiarity of keeping well in optimal conditions (ventilated, with little humidity and without directly receiving heat or the sun’s rays). When buying avocados online at Sunzest Fruits you are acquiring a fresh, quality product and full of nutritional properties. If you are not going to consume them at the moment you can store them in the refrigerator to delay their ripening a bit and enjoy your fruit basket, in perfect conditions, for longer.

Finally, papaya is a great source of antioxidants, vitamin C and E, and beta-carotenes. It is also very rich in folic acid, an important and healthy component, especially for pregnant women. Its appearance is pleasant and colorful, and its texture soft and sweet. Papaya, moreover, is usually included in diets to lose weight because 100 grams of this fruit provide only 30 calories. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, its high papain content speeds up intestinal transit and helps achieve a proper assimilation of what is consumed.

Advantages of buying this fruit basket as a gift

The advantages of buying our fruit basket to give as gifts are:

  • We take it directly to your home or your office.
  • They are perfect to give as a gift for a special occasion such as a birth, a birthday, an anniversary and as a gift for employees.
  • The purchase is very simple and safe, and it will only take a few minutes.
  • You save time by filling your shopping cart in a comfortable way.
  • All the pieces of the fruit basket are fresh, freshly picked, without post-harvest treatment and without long storage time in cold rooms.
  • You take advantage of all the benefits of its fruits and especially the oranges of Valencia. At Sunzest Fruits we specialize in the sale of oranges online.
  • Include new healthy products in your diet.

Our basket of oranges, avocados and papayas is available in 5kg formats. and 8 kg. Thus, it adapts to all types of homes and families.

If you want to buy a fruit basket as a gift, this is one of our recommended: always fresh, quality and in perfect conditions of consumption.

Did you like our basket of oranges, avocados and papaya? Buy it directly on our website and you will receive it at your address within 48 hours. The healthiest gift!

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5 kg., 8 kg.

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