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Fruit mix: oranges, tangerines, persimmons, and pomegranates

A perfect gift. This fruit basket includes oranges, tangerines, persimmons, and pomegranates. Fruit 100% Valencian and seasonal. Available in formats of 5 and 8 Kg.


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Fruta 100% Valenciana 100% Valencian fruit

A fruit basket to give as a gift that collects the best of autumn: oranges, persimmons, tangerines and pomegranates. Very rich in vitamin C, if you are looking to buy a fruit basket at home that includes all the vitamins you need to start the winter with renewed strength, here is what you need. Perfect for a birthday gift or to congratulate the arrival of a new member to the family: if something has this basket it is a lot of flavor and a lot of color.

This gift basket includes (approximate weight)

Format of 8 Kg.

  • 3’2Kg oranges from Valencia (variety according to season)
  • 2’4Kg tangerines from Valencia (variety according to season)
  • 2Kg Valencian persimmons
  • 0’4Kg pomegranates (origin Valencia, variety according to season)

Format of 5 Kg.

  • 2Kg oranges from Valencia (variety according to season)
  • 1’5Kg tangerines from Valencia (variety according to season)
  • 1’25Kg Valencian persimmons
  • 0’25Kg pomegranates (origin Valencia, variety according to season)

An extra vitamin C

Each fruit basket of Sunzest Fruits is prepared with a healthy diet in mind and a balanced intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber. In fact, the variety is one of the most important qualities of our fruit baskets at home, in addition to always include seasonal and fresh fruits.

In this basket of oranges, tangerines, persimmons and pomegranates vitamin C predominates, especially useful to avoid autumn and winter colds. As you know, the pomegranate has a high antioxidant power and is recommended for consumption, both in natural juice or in cooking recipes for athletes and people with blood pressure problems.
Pomegranates combine well with oranges and tangerines, which are the queens of autumn and vitamin C. Both are citrus fruits and refreshing, and contain a mixture of nutrients between flavonoids, vitamin A and C, folic acid and potassium. Mandarins, giving us the same nutrients, provide us with fewer calories, which makes it the perfect fruit for those who start the fall on a diet.

Finally, this fruit basket is completed with the persimmon, which lately has gained ground in the Mediterranean. This land is perfect for cultivation because it has short winters and not too cold and long summers in which the Sun has a fundamental role. The persimmon is also very rich in vitamin C, and the consumption of one persimmon per day gives us more than half of the recommended daily vitamin C.

Advantages of buying this fruit basket at home

Buying a fruit basket at home like this has many advantages.

First, oranges, tangerines, pomegranates and persimmons that we include in it are 100% Valencian, a guarantee of quality and freshness (we select the fruit when you place the order, that is, it goes directly from the tree to your table) . In fact, as you already know, Valencia oranges are recognized worldwide. Thanks to this, the fruit that you will get when you buy this fruit basket will remain in perfect condition for at least two weeks.

Another advantage is the variety. A balanced diet is synonymous with variety, also in fruits and vegetables. A basket of fruits of these characteristics prevents your desserts from being boring, since your options in the kitchen are many. You can also prepare a rich fruit salad including all four ingredients. Not forgetting the rich juices of natural fruits that you can make with them (both oranges and mandarins have a lot of juice, and the pomegranate juice can surprise you for its intense flavor). If you want more ideas of juices or recipes consult our recipe book and learn everything you can do with this basket of oranges, tangerines, pomegranates and persimmons.

If you decide to buy this fruit basket at home you will also save time. We select the fruit for you and take it home or to your office. You can also make your purchase at any time (our online greengrocer is open 365 days a year and 24 hours a day). Check the conditions of purchase and

In Sunzest Fruits we facilitate the consumption of fresh and seasonal fruits. We take care of your health and that of your family.

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5 Kg., 8 Kg.

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